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One of the most important characteristics of humans, as distinct from animals, is their capacity to think. It is essentially how civilizations came into being and were able to generate such technological advances, which have gained further momentum in recent times. Humans have been seeking answers to the mystery of existence by asking basic questions such as “Who am I? Where am I? Where do I come from, or where does a being come from? Where am I going or where is any being going?” It is evident that the root cause for seeking a more comfortable life, and for understanding the mysteries of being, is the urge to ask questions. It is said that philosophy is about anything that can’t be known with certainty. In this club, stereotypes are questioned, and any given subject is discussed by club members by studying the philosophers who worked on that topic. The objective is to get a step closer to reality and reduce ignorance, by using expression and sharing one’s thoughts, ideas and feelings by way of discussion. “Being proven right is not good since it shows we haven’t learned anything new."