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The Chess club is one of the oldest student clubs at Galatasaray High School. It has widened its scope in the past two years and holds meetings every Wednesday from 3.30pm to 5.30pm. However, since this time frame is far from being enough to master chess, which is a demanding activity that requires hard work and tenacity, the club continues to practice on other days as well. These are scheduled based on the needs of club members.

The primary mission of the chess club is to teach Galatasaray students how to play chess and to enable them to develop their skills. Meetings are held at the beginning of each year for those students interested in joining the club. Self-assessment meetings are held throughout the year to help members and the club to make improvements. 

Another mission of the club is to represent the school in competitions and strive to achieve successful results. A commission has been established within the club to follow upcoming chess tournaments. Members are informed about upcoming tournaments and thanks to the commission, most of them are attended.

The Chess Club continues its work under the supervision of a chess trainer and aims to improve year on year.