Social Sciences Lab

At the beginning of 1999, a new project was launched at the Galatasaray High School to support social sciences courses such as history, geography, art history, psychology, sociology, and philosophy with technological facilities. Under this project, the classroom known as the “Small Lecture Hall” was transformed into a multimedia center equipped with technical capabilities to let the social science courses be taught as a more colorful experience. As a result, both teachers and students have developed the ability to use computer-supported presentations in their lectures and homework.

 The technical equipment includes:

•  A computer with Intel Pentium Core 2 Quard processor

•  A scanner and printer

•  A video player and video camera

•  A projector connected to the computer

•  5:1 Dolby Digital surround sound system.

The use of Social Sciences Laboratory is not limited to periods. With its own library, its research groups composed of teachers and students and regular conferences that will be given by guest specialists in their own fields, the Laboratory functions as a “Research Center” to contribute to the traditions of the school that brought up many scientists, politicians, diplomats and artists.