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The word photography has its origins in ancient Greek. “Photo,” meaning light, and “graphe,” meaning picture. The actual meaning could translate into “to draw a picture with light.” The Photography Club studies the art of photography from its early days until the present. The club aims to encourage members to learn and practice the classic analog method.

Interactive presentations are held in the Social Sciences Amphitheatre, and basic photography is taught with the help of instructors. Photo shoot trips to nearby neighborhoods are organized to places such as Galata, Cihangir, Beyoğlu, and Sultan Ahmet, enabling students to practice their skills in groups.

The club places value on teaching students about the spirit of old school photography using analog cameras and a dark room at the school. Post-production tools in digital photography are also taught, such as Photoshop, in the school’s computer lab, with the support of the Computer Club.

The pictures taken on trips are studied with a dual purpose: to make improvements to technique and to develop critical thinking. 

 The work of the club is showcased twice a year at the Traditional Galatasaray Pilaf Day.