MERCAN is one of the first 10 female students to attend Galatasaray High School. She is a graduate of the French Language and Literature Department; Faculty of Letters, Istanbul University. She has earned the title of Philologist of French language. She speaks French, Italian and Greek. 

Mercan commenced work as French Teacher in 1982. After having worked at Anadoluhisarı Business High School, Ayancık High School, and Cağaloğlu Anatolian High School, she was appointed to Kabataş Boys’ High School as teacher of French in 1987. She became Assistant Principal at the same school in 1992 and was later appointed as Deputy Principal. 

In 2005, Mercan was appointed as Deputy Principal at Galatasaray High School and became School Principal on October 24, 2007. She has fulfılled duties of School Principal since January 16, 2007.