532nd Anniversary Celebrations

Galatasaray High School celebrated its 532nd anniversary on December 1, 2013, and the Class of 1963 received their medals and diplomas at the ceremony. This special event also coincided with the 32nd anniversary of the Galatasaray Educational Foundation. The Foundation’s Chairman, İnan Kıraç, Galatasaray High School Principal, Meral Mercan, the head of the Alumni Association, Polat Bengiserp, and Prof. Tolga Yarman, who represented the class of ’63, delivered speeches.

The ceremony began with a minute of silence for Atatürk, his brothers in arms and the deceased Galatasaray Alumni in Tevfik Fikret Hall. Following the speeches, the Class of ’63, who were celebrating their 50th anniversary of their graduation, received their medals and symbolic diplomas. Lastly, the Özhan Canaydın Sport Awards were handed out to the winners.

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