The Social Science Research Club was established by students in July 1999, with the aim of popularizing social sciences and conducting various research in the field. Later on, study areas were determined and volunteer working groups were formed. The club members made active use of the Social Science Lab, a place designed as a multi-purpose research and presentation center. The lab was established at the beginning of 1999. This lab is used for both relevant classes and the club’s activities.

Social Science Lab:


The club aims to develop a stronger awareness of various social sciences such as political science, history, geography, sociology, etc. Club members have the opportunity to improve their skills and knowledge of social sciences through research and a free discussion environment. Technological hardware and resources are also accessible to club members. 

The Club decides on the dates of its weekly meetings based on members’ requests at the beginning of the year. The topics to be researched and discussed are decided upon, and work on the studies gets under way. 

Students not only improve on their knowledge of the topics they study, but they also become more aware of others’ opinions.

The club members focus on a topic of their choice and prepare projects on it. Listed below are some of the project topics conducted since the club’s establishment. 

● The Cold War

● The Establishment of the Ottoman Empire

● The War of Cyprus and the truth behind the scenes

● Arable lands in Turkey

● The battles of Troy and Gallipoli

● The French Revolution

● Renaissance, the Tulip Age

● The Culture-personality relationship among Turks 

● Turkish music; from the Ottomans to modern day 

● History of Iran

● Turkic states of Central Asia

● Technical and tactical skills of the Turkish armies during the initial period of the Ottoman Empire 

● Continuity and change in Greece’s policy towards Turks from Western Thrace

The members involved in the projects meet and interview experts, conduct research in libraries and museums, visit a specific region if it is related to their project, and request documents from media sources. 

Results of the students’ research are presented throughout the year, making use of the audio-visual facilities at the Social Science Lab.

During the 2010–2011 academic year, the members of the 11th term introduced a new discussion format called “the forum.” The topic for the first year’s forum was “The future of Turkey-EU Relations.” The following year the topic was “Democratization Movements in MENA: The Arab Awakening.” The events have so far proven successful and more are planned for coming years.

Photos from the First and Second Social Sciences Forum:


The club also organizes screenings of documentary films at the Social Science Lab, and invites specialists to deliver speeches at the school.

Snapshots from a session with Prof. Vahdettin Engin from January 12, 2011: 


The club contributes to developing the students’ interest in social sciences, their research skills, and the expansion of their knowledge in the various fields. The school can count many politicians, authors, diplomats, and scientists amongst its alumni and the SOBIT club was established with the purpose of continuing this tradition.